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About Us

Who We Are

KAMAP strives to unify the medical aesthetics community and advocate for recognition of aesthetic medicine as a legitimate subspecialty.

Kentucky Association of Medical Aesthetic Providers (KAMAP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting medical aesthetic professionals as a specialty. Medical aesthetics, as a relatively new specialty field, lacks cohesive, consistent guidelines and universal evidence-based principles that inform its practice; as such, medical aesthetic providers have had the burden of seeking out their own education, training, and guiding principles for practice. KAMAP aims to develop the medical aesthetic specialty by uniting providers from among diverse backgrounds to build policies, procedures and practices that support our field. Providing high quality education, evidence-based practices, and peer-to-peer support in the form of referrals to specialists is key to our mission.

Our Purpose

All medical specialities have standards of care that help providers produce reliable results no matter where they practice. These standards act as benchmarks that drive providers in those specialties to receive appropriate formal education, develop evidence-based practices, and ultimately provide better outcomes for their patients. The medical aesthetic space across the country is very new and rapidly growing, and as such, needs a formalized body that can help create such standards of care to guide its practice.


Our hope is to act as a liaison between the medical, dental, nursing & cosmetology boards to gain input when devising these policies. KAMAP seeks to maintain the integrity and elevate the practice of medical aesthetics as it continues to grow. It is our hope that we can help shape the future of medical aesthetics for providers and ensure their continued success in this area of medical specialty.


Peer-to-peer support in the form of referrals to specialists is key to our mission.

Serving aesthetic professionals of Kentucky.

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